Toronto Island Engagement Session

I finally had the chance to share this super fun Toronto Island Engagement Session. I met with Sarah and Eli at the ferry terminal in downtown Toronto, then we headed for the Ward’s Island. We started the photoshoot on the ride over and pretty much kept taking photos until the sun set behind the horizon. I really enjoyed the fact that for Sarah and Eli this wasn’t just a photoshoot, more importantly it was a romantic date. They enjoyed each others company wandering around, sitting in the sun sipping on craft beer and had a romantic moment on the pier watching the sunset. Stay tuned to see more photos of this lovely couple from their island wedding, it’s coming soon.  

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Cherry Beach Engagement Session

Sarina is super sweet and Aalim is hilariously funny. They make a great team and it really shows when you see them together. For their engagement session we decided to take a wander around Cherry Beach in Toronto. It is the perfect location for a romantic walk-and-explore, or just a simple hang out at the pier of an old boat house. And that’s exactly what Sarina and Aalim did. I was just lucky to be there with them to capture it all in the perfect afternoon light.

cherry-beach-engagement-08 Cherry Beach Engagement Session cherry-beach-engagement-10 Cherry Beach Engagement Session cherry-beach-engagement-12 cherry-beach-engagement-13 cherry-beach-engagement-14 cherry-beach-engagement-16 cherry-beach-engagement-17 cherry-beach-engagement-18 cherry-beach-engagement-19 cherry-beach-engagement-20 cherry-beach-engagement-21 cherry-beach-engagement-22 cherry-beach-engagement-23 Cherry Beach Engagement Session cherry-beach-engagement-25 cherry-beach-engagement-26 cherry-beach-engagement-27 cherry-beach-engagement-28 cherry-beach-engagement-29 cherry-beach-engagement-30 cherry-beach-engagement-31 cherry-beach-engagement-32

Pond Side Victorian Cottage Engagement Shoot

This serene pond side victorian cottage engagement shoot took place in Clarington, ON. I always look for an excuse to do a road trip, even if it’s just for a day. So when Lauren and Mike mentioned they want to do their engagement photos in the countryside I got all stoked! I love Lauren’s sense for aesthetics and Mike’s great sense of humour. They both really compliment each other so well. I also love how bright and fresh these images turned out, it just gets me excited for the Spring time. (And look how great the couple looks!)

I can’t wait to share the wedding!

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