A Nikah Ceremony at Rattlesnake Point Golf Club in Milton

The Nikah ceremony at Rattlesnake Point Golf Club in Milton was set against a beautiful wall of forest creating a dream-like atmosphere. It was a beautiful summer day when the friends and families of Asad Ali and Fareena gathered from around the world to celebrate their marriage. For lunch, the tables were elegantly set with soft peaches and sea-green vintage books, rustic wooden barks and lace. Following the reception, people mingled on the terrace drinking tea and coffee while listening to the exotic sounds of the sitar. The atmosphere was just magical… The day finished with the couple driving off into the golden sunset in their cherry red convertible. We couldn’t have been happier to be part of such a wonderful day with two remarkable people. We wish them a long, healthy and happy life filled with lots of love and laughter.

Much love from Rudo and Jasper.

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Wedding Photographers: Rudolf Vacula with Jasper Savage
Ceremony /Reception Venue/Caterer: Rattlesnake Point Golf Club
Décor: Lemon Truffle Designs
Hair: Noor Artistry
Makeup: Salon Diva
Invitations/Gifts: Fareena Chanda
Flowers: Amna Rather
Transportation: Dreamcatcher Tours
Live Music: Anwar Khurshid

7 Favourite Places to Shoot Engagements in Toronto

7 Favourite Places to Shoot Engagements
As we all endure the cold, sometimes the only thing to keep our minds warm is knowing winter will come to an end; with spring on the not-so-distant horizon, we are extremely excited to shoot some amazing engagement sessions this coming 2014 season.

We’ve composed a list of our top 7 favourite places to shoot engagements in Toronto. All of these places are chosen because of their beautiful atmosphere and environment, even if it’s for a Sunday stroll, these places are amazing.

Check them out!

1. Cherry Beach
2. Tommy Thompson Park
3. Todmorden Mills
4. Evergreen Brick Works
5. High Park
6. Toronto Island
7. Toronto Esplanade area

We’d love to hear your favourites as well, they will keep our thoughts nice and toasty. Feel free to leave a comment below.

Samantha and Blake | Wedding | Old Mill Toronto

Toronto’s Old Mill chapel filled quickly with family and friends; love was lingering in the air and everyone was so excited to witness what was about to happen. It was the end of summer 2013 when this sweet couple, Samantha and Blake became husband and wife. What an amazing wedding this was… I better let the photos speak for themselves! :)

Old Mill Chapel Toronto Wedding 003_Toronto Wedding Studios Old Mill Chapel Toronto Wedding 005_Toronto Wedding Studios Old Mill Chapel Toronto Wedding 007_Toronto Wedding Studios 009_Toronto Wedding Studios 010_Toronto Wedding Studios 011_Toronto Wedding Studios 012_Toronto Wedding Studios 013_Toronto Wedding Studios 014_Toronto Wedding Studios 015_Toronto Wedding Studios 016_Toronto Wedding Studios 017_Toronto Wedding Studios 018_Toronto Wedding Studios 019_Toronto Wedding Studios 020_Toronto Wedding Studios 021_Toronto Wedding Studios 022_Toronto Wedding Studios 023_Toronto Wedding Studios 024_Toronto Wedding Studios 025_Toronto Wedding Studios 026_Toronto Wedding Studios 027_Toronto Wedding Studios 028_Toronto Wedding Studios 029_Toronto Wedding Studios 030_Toronto Wedding Studios 031_Toronto Wedding Studios 032_Toronto Wedding Studios 033_Toronto Wedding Studios 034_Toronto Wedding Studios 035_Toronto Wedding Studios 036_Toronto Wedding Studios 037_Toronto Wedding Studios 038_Toronto Wedding Studios 039_Toronto Wedding Studios 040_Toronto Wedding Studios 041_Toronto Wedding Studios 042_Toronto Wedding Studios 043_Toronto Wedding Studios 044_Toronto Wedding Studios 045_Toronto Wedding Studios 046_Toronto Wedding Studios 050_Toronto Wedding Studios 051_Toronto Wedding Studios 052_Toronto Wedding Studios 053_Toronto Wedding Studios 054_Toronto Wedding Studios 055_Toronto Wedding Studios 057_Toronto Wedding Studios 058_Toronto Wedding Studios 059_Toronto Wedding Studios 060_Toronto Wedding Studios 061_Toronto Wedding Studios 062_Toronto Wedding Studios 063_Toronto Wedding Studios 064_Toronto Wedding Studios 065_Toronto Wedding Studios 066_Toronto Wedding Studios 067_Toronto Wedding Studios Toronto Wedding Photographers: Rudo Vacula with Kate O’Connor
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Old Mill Toronto
Centrepieces: Arbordale Landscaping
Wedding Dress: Best for Bride
Make Up: Jennifer Balazic
Brides Maid Dresses: Davids Bridal
Mens Suits: Moores
Cake/Cupcakes: Dessert Ladys
DJ: Just4U Entertainment
Flowers: The Old Mill Flower Shop