Wedding Photographer FAQs


1. How do I choose a good wedding photographer when there are so many listed?
You should be choosing a wedding photographer based on the style of photos you like. Review their website and, if their photos are consistent and you like their style, schedule a meeting with them. In fact try meeting with a few photographers so you can compare. It’s also very important that you like their personality, as you will be dealing with them for the next few months, as well as throughout the entire wedding day (of course).

2. Roughly how many photos do we get?
Depending on the amount of hours we will be covering, you will receive minimum of 800 – 1200 fully edited photos.

3. How can I make sure I look my best in the photos?
Be yourself and be confident – that’s the best advice we give to all of our couples. 

4. Is it recommended that we see each other before the ceremony? Where do “first look” pictures get usually taken?

It is not a rule but it can make things easier on the wedding day, because then most of your photo session will be finished before the ceremony. After the ceremony you can go and enjoy the rest of the day, knowing the photos are done, and your guests don’t have to wait. Some couples also prefer the first look before the ceremony as it can be a very emotional moment and they want to experience it in a private setting. These photos are usually taken at a location near where they are getting ready.

wedding photographer - first look

5. How far in advance should we book a wedding photographer?
We get booked anywhere from 18 to 2 months before the wedding day. If there is a photographer or any other wedding vendor that you really like we recommend to book early, as they might be not be available later.

6. Is it really necessary to have a second photographer?

We highly recommend having two photographers on your wedding day. It is such busy day, everything is happening fast. Having a second photographer means you get photos that you would otherwise not be able to have. For example, in the morning it is necessary to grab all the detail shots (dress, shoes, bouquet, accessories and what ever else you might have); while one photographer is getting those shots, the second photographer is capturing all the candid moments that are happening at the same time. Another example is: during the speeches, one photographer is focusing on the speaker, while the second photographer focuses on the expressions of the audience… You get the idea.

wedding photographer - second shooter view
7. Are the photos re-touched? Does it make them look fake?
All photos we give to our clients are fully edited for colour balance, brightness and density. They will look very similar to what you see on our website. This is a time-consuming process, as it requires adjusting every photo individually. Some people mistake this with “retouching”. Retouching means making changes to the image, such as clearing it of any imperfections i.e. blemishes on your skin, hair sticking up, dirt on sidewalks or anything that may be a distraction in an otherwise perfect photograph. At Toronto Wedding Studios, this is typically done to photos that are going to get printed. We never use the cheesy retouching techniques that make photos look fake.

8. Is an engagement session included in your packages? What about albums, photobooks, parent albums, etc.?

We always include an engagement session with our packages. It gives us the opportunity to get to know one another. When your big day finally comes it will really feel as if one of your own friends is photographing your wedding. Two out of three of our packages include printed photo albums.

9. Do you travel for destination weddings?
Yes we are available for wedding photography worldwide.


10. Should we come with photo ideas, or do you decide them for us?
We are open to your suggestions. But our goal is to keep your photos natural looking, nothing staged or too posy. Usually we choose the area where the light for taking photos is ideal and then we just let moments happen.

11. Where do you prefer to take the “getting ready” photos?
I find hotel rooms the best place for the getting ready shots. But really it can be anywhere, ideally a place with plenty of daylight. Also it’s important that you keep the space clean of any clutter.

wedding photography - hotel room
12. Due to my culture/religion, my wedding is more than one day, do you accommodate this? Do you have a specialized price/package for this?

Absolutely, we love cultural weddings! Typically we give a special price for the additional days.

13. Where does the wedding photographer sit for dinner? Is there a preferred spot?
It is preferred the photographer sits in the same room as the wedding party and guests so that we don’t miss anything important during dinner.

Toronto Wedding Studios Photographers

14. Do we get a website where our wedding pictures will be available for viewing? If so, how long is it available?
Yes, you will have an online gallery, which you may share with your family and friends. Your online gallery is available for one year. However you may be able to keep it longer for an additional cost.

15. What primary photographic style do you identify with?
Contemporary, Photojournalism.

16. What kind of equipment do you typically bring with you on the wedding day?
We are professionals and we use only the best pro-gear that’s available out there.

17. Do you have experience shooting in various lighting situations?
Yes! All of our photographers are fully versed in a variety of lighting techniques.

18. Do you charge a fee for traveling?
We charge only a small fee for extra gas outside the Toronto area.

19. Do you charge a set full day price or is it by the hour?
The package price is based on the number of hours.

20. Do you have liability insurance?

21. Do you provide the digital files and/or negatives (or copies of the negatives)?
Yes, we provide high resolution, unmarked digital files in a jpeg format.

22. Is your media preference film or digital?
Digital. However our goal is to make digital look like film.

23. How soon after my wedding are the proofs available for viewing?
Your photos will be ready in no later than 4 weeks after your wedding.

24. What happens if we run over the agreed amount of hours? Are you available to shoot extra hours? If yes, how much do you charge for extra hours?
You can always ask us to stay longer. We charge $250/hour per photographer to stay overtime. You can have both or only one of us to stay longer.

25. Do you reserve the right to publish the photos?
Yes, however if you request, we will ask for your approval before posting photos online.

26. In what format are the initial proofs offered?
Digital online gallery. This gallery has great functionality for sorting, rating and sharing your photos. Printed proofs are ready two weeks after you make your selects.

27. In case you become unavailable on my wedding day, do you offer a replacement photographer?
It is included in our contract that if an emergency arises and your photographer becomes unavailable, an equally talented replacement photographer will be arranged.