Downtown Toronto Engagement Photos

August 5, 2014

Downtown Toronto Engagement Photos

Abbey and Jon were the winners of our contest this winter to win a free engagement shoot. The story of their amazing-race engagement earned the most “likes” on our Facebook Page and also kind of blew us away! Click here to read all the awesome entries.

Abbey and Jon are a sweet and caring couple. They are both pastors, passionate about mentoring and supporting kids and young adults in their community. For such a young couple, it has been both inspiring and impressive to get to know them. We spent a gorgeous summer day doing their downtown Toronto engagement photos, and are very much looking forward to their wedding this Friday!

Downtown Toronto Engagement Photos Downtown Toronto Engagement Photos Wedding-Photographer-Engagement-Photos-Toronto_003 Wedding-Photographer-Engagement-Photos-Toronto_004 Wedding-Photographer-Engagement-Photos-Toronto_005 Downtown Toronto Engagement Photos Wedding-Photographer-Engagement-Photos-Toronto_007 Wedding-Photographer-Engagement-Photos-Toronto_008 Wedding-Photographer-Engagement-Photos-Toronto_009 Downtown Toronto Engagement Photos Wedding-Photographer-Engagement-Photos-Toronto_011 Wedding-Photographer-Engagement-Photos-Toronto_012

Check out Abbey and John’s winning engagement story here:

“My now fiancé and I have known each other for many years. Once we started dating we both knew very quickly we wanted to get married. Due to both our jobs we had to date long distance for over a year. Him in Toronto and myself in Sudbury. Due to family situations we had to plan our wedding date quite in advance, in fact it was set before our engagement. So for fun I drove from Sudbury to Toronto to try on wedding dresses with some family and friends. I had the whole day planned and wasn’t expecting what happened! At the first store I fell in love with a dress way beyond my budget. We decided to call it a day and leave. When I got to my car I found an anonymous note sending me to another bridal store with better deals. Excited and slightly confused, my friends and I drove to the next store. Not only did I find my wedding dress there but as I was paying I received an envelope with a note that said “welcome to the amazing race, where all your dreams may come true”. Attached was a gift card and the address for Sherway Gardens mall. The clue instructed me to go pick myself out an outfit and be on the lookout for my next clue. After picking out my outfit, I was walking in the mall and a lady bumped into me, dropping a small package and running off. Inside the package was a Fossil watch I had been wanting for a while. And of course inside the watch box was another clue. This one sent me to a salon to get a manicure. After my manicure I received my last clue with the address to a restaurant right on the lakeshore looking over the Toronto skyline. When we arrived and parked we walked towards the park where we could cross to go to the restaurant. Before we could cross music started playing really loud, Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift. All of a sudden everyone in the park began to dance. It was a flash mob, just for me. As the dance went on the music cut out, but all the dancers began just to sing aloud in the night air the final chorus to the song. As the dancers finished they formed two lines and from the middle of them walked by boyfriend. He proceeded to take my hands and tell me to look behind him; just as I did fireworks went off over the lake. Then he looked I to my eyes and told me how much he loved me and wanted to spend forever with me, and he got down on one knee and proposed. I of course said yes and turned around to all the dancers around us with sparklers and all my friends and family present. It was incredible and beyond my wildest dreams! I am incredibly blessed!!”