Fall Engagement Shoot at Riverdale Park

January 24, 2016

Fall Engagement Shoot at Riverdale Park

Andrea and Chris met up with me for a beautiful fall engagement shoot at Riverdale Park in Toronto. We got together first at Toronto’s Riverdale park. This is one of my favourite locations to shoot in the fall, there is a breathtaking skyline with so many trees changing colour to supply a bright colourful setting.

We then wandered around Toronto’s Queen St. East near a bridge over looking the Don Vally Parkway. I loved capturing intimate moments between the couple as the street cars went by. Andrea and Chris are so fun and charismatic, we had a very fun afternoon together making these images.

01Fall-Engagement-Riverdale-Park 02Fall-Engagement-Riverdale-Park 03Fall-Engagement-Riverdale-Park 04Fall-Engagement-Riverdale-Park 05Fall-Engagement-Riverdale-Park 06Fall-Engagement-Riverdale-Park 07Fall-Engagement-Riverdale-Park 08Fall-Engagement-Riverdale-Park 09Fall-Engagement-Riverdale-Park 10Fall-Engagement-Riverdale-Park 11Fall-Engagement-Riverdale-Park 12Fall-Engagement-Riverdale-Park 13Fall-Engagement-Riverdale-Park 14Fall-Engagement-Riverdale-Park 15Fall-Engagement-Riverdale-Park 16Fall-Engagement-Riverdale-Park 17Fall-Engagement-Riverdale-Park 18Fall-Engagement-Riverdale-Park 19Fall-Engagement-Riverdale-Park 20Fall-Engagement-Riverdale-Park 21Fall-Engagement-Riverdale-Park 22Fall-Engagement-Riverdale-Park 23Fall-Engagement-Riverdale-Park 24Fall-Engagement-Riverdale-Park