How To Get An Awesome Wedding Photographer, And Still Keep It Within Your Budget

February 5, 2013

Photography is one of the most important parts of your wedding day. It is one of the only investments you make that pays its dividends long after the wedding is all done. Your wedding photographs become one of the very few physical things you get to keep and cherish for the rest of your life. Physical pictures, photographs that will remind you how beautiful and amazing your wedding was.

However, as much as wedding photography is important, it can be an expensive element in the already-high costs attached to organizing your wedding day.

Here are a few tips on how to potentially lessen your wedding photography expense by requiring fewer hours of coverage from your wedding photographers. For many wedding photographers, the less hours you require for your wedding photography coverage, the less you pay. Keeping your photographers for 16 hours may be a completely unnecessary extra cost. Often 8 hours might just do the trick, and here is how…

Being a wedding photographer myself, I see this very often: couples are essentially paying us for driving around. Sometimes as much as 4 hours of the day are being wasted on traveling. It is something to consider! When planning your wedding day, try booking the reception venue, photo location, and place of ceremony all in the same part of the city. Traffic in Toronto is already bad and is getting increasingly worse. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to be stuck in it (even if you have a nice limo with AC).

Booking a venue, where you can get everything done in one location, will lower the stress of running late, and lower the time required for your wedding photography coverage.

Another tip, to reduce hours with your wedding photographers, is to schedule the most important things at the early part of the reception. For example, you might not want to keep your wedding photographers throughout the whole dance party (which may take 3+ hours) just because the cake-cutting is at the end. A simple change in your schedule, like cutting the cake earlier, can save you a lot.

Additionally, your wedding photographers may only need to cover the beginning of the dance party. Often half an hour will provide enough material to showcase how much fun you had on the dance floor…

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– Rudo

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