Natural Light Wedding Photography: What does it mean and what is all the fuss about?

May 1, 2014

Natural Light Wedding Photography

The term “natural light” gets thrown around easily in the photography world, but for people who are getting married it is just necessary to understand what it means for your wedding day. Toronto Wedding Studios photographers are used to the crazy Canadian weather, so rest-assured, we are adaptable to any weather condition and are able to utilize any lighting condition to create flattering wedding photos.

With all of the checklists, questions, research and stress that weddings can bring, the last thing on your mind is to be worrying about lighting for certain wedding pictures. While it is a smaller detail in wedding planning, however, it is a very important one. For example, deciding on a location for the “getting ready” pictures. In order to capture the most flattering and natural-looking photos in the room where you choose to get ready, it is best to have as much natural light as possible. This doesn’t mean it has to be bright and sunny – cloudy days are actually just as good as sunny ones for photographers. But having a few windows nearby while capturing those important first moments will contribute to beautiful results.

Another detail that may create worry for your wedding day is whether your wedding is outdoors or indoors and what impact it may have on your photos. No matter the location or conditions, Toronto Wedding Studios photographers use different techniques to suit the circumstances. We are knowledgeable with colour, direction and intensity of light. We utilize the proper camera settings to capture the most eye-pleasing photographs, even with the harshest of sunlight. Toronto Wedding Studios photographers are also highly skilled in flash photography so don’t worry! In the event that dreaded rainfall does occur (and you had planned for outdoor pictures), it is highly recommended to have a back-up indoor location chosen, and we will still be able to capture beautiful images.

Toronto Wedding Studios photographers are also knowledgeable in achieving soft light pictures, which are very flattering on people. Soft light is flattering because it diminishes textures and shadows on the face, minimizing dark under-eye circles, blemishes, and shadows under the nose or chin for example. Depending on the look you would like to achieve for your pictures, we are also capable of enhancing natural light by working with lights and shadows to create dramatic artistic shots as well.

What does all of this mean for you and your wedding day? It means beautiful, natural images, documenting your day so that your photos effectively tell your love story. You can look back at your pictures and re-live the special moments of that day. The ones that make you laugh or tear up – those moments that Toronto Wedding Studios will be there to capture.

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