Kortright Centre DIY Wedding

Linda and Jim decided to have a DIY wedding, although judging by these wedding photos, nobody would’ve guessed! Passionate about nature, the couple were married amongst romantic woodlands “Cathedral of Trees” of the Kortright Centre for Conservation in Woodbridge, Ontario.

Linda and Jim knew the aesthetic they wanted to achieve for their wedding and believed that using their creativity and ingenuity (and a little help from family and friends) they could achieve this vision on their own. Having recently purchased a property, they wanted to stay within budget by planning everything themselves and shopping for wedding decor on weekends. Not everyone can do hair and make-up, but since Linda’s sister excels at these, she helped out on the big day and everyone looked beautiful. One aspect Linda and Jim were not willing to compromise on was the photography coverage. It was important for them to have every moment captured and they wanted someone who could give them direction in front of the camera. They believed that having a great photographer would capture the essence and aesthetic that they had dreamed of for their special day. Unfazed by a bit of rain before and during the ceremony, Linda and Jim were married surrounded by close family and friends who thankfully brought umbrellas! Their Kortright Centre DIY Wedding was indeed a success.

We wanted to share the Q&A we had with Linda and Jim following their wedding:

Q – What was your initial wedding budget?
A – We tried to keep the wedding as low as possible. We kept a spreadsheet to keep track of our expenses. We also prioritized what we really wanted versus what we were willing to compromise. For example my sister did my hair and makeup which kept our budget low.

Q – Was the process of planning your own wedding stressful?
A – The wedding planning process was stressful at times, but it was also lots of fun. We had lots of lists and spreadsheets to keep us on track. It was satisfying to see the event come together. Planning the wedding was all part of the fun and we spent lots of weekends looking for wedding décor. The attention to detail made our wedding meaningful and special.

Q – What were the important things you were not willing to compromise on?
A – We did not want to compromise on the aesthetic look of the wedding and wanted to make sure we had a great photographer to capture this moment in time. The day of the wedding went by quick so we are thankful to have the photos to remember the day.

Q – Why did you choose the Kortright Centre for Conservation?
A – We chose to have our Kortright Centre DIY Wedding because we love nature and being outdoors. We liked the idea of getting married outdoors and loved the look of the Glass House.

Q – Is there anything you would have done differently now looking back?
A – We probably would have given ourselves more time in the morning of the wedding to get ready for the first look photos.

Q – How did the rain effect your day? Was it a serious issue for you?
A – The rain added a little excitement to the day! It started raining lightly right as we finished taking our first look pictures. We had the ceremony set up outdoors and momentarily considered moving it inside. Ultimately we decided to keep the ceremony outdoors because that was the wedding we envisioned and it looked beautiful even in the rain. Thankfully our guests had umbrellas and were willing to get a little wet!

Q – Many brides choose to have Getting Ready photos. What if any, were the reasons for you not having these photos?
A – We chose to have a small wedding with our families and friends and didn’t feel the need to take getting ready photos. We got ready with help from our families and everyone was busy helping to pick up cakes and flowers and decorate the venue.

Not everyone is capable of pulling off a DIY wedding, and we suggest having a wedding planner is ideal for most couples. This couple however, managed to utilize their organizational skills, creativity, as well as helping hands from their inner circle to achieve the wedding they had always envisioned.

– Congratulations Linda and Jim, your beautiful DIY Wedding at Kortright Centre was one we’ll never forget!


Glass House + Cathedral of Trees at Kortright Centre for Conservation, ON



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