Sandbanks Prince Edward County Engagement Photos

April 16, 2015

Sandbanks Prince Edward County Engagement

I have to admit, I got really excited when my new clients Jenn and Matt mentioned to me that they would like to go to Sandbanks Provincial Park in Prince Edward County to do their engagement photos last fall. I love discovering new locations in Ontario, and I love road trips, so this was a perfect scenario for me to have a new adventure with great people. They brought along their doggie Maddox, a miniature schnauzer which was another big bonus as I love dogs. It was a super fun afternoon discovering PEC, filled with laughter, sandy beach walks, taking lots of pictures and getting to know this wonderful couple, … and lots of playtime with Maddox in between. I’m really looking forward to seeing them again at their wedding this weekend :)

Thank you very much!!

Sandbanks Prince Edward County Engagement Photos Sandbanks Prince Edward County Engagement Photos Sandbanks_Prince_Edward_County_Engagement_Photos_003 Sandbanks_Prince_Edward_County_Engagement_Photos_004 Sandbanks Prince Edward County Engagement Photos Sandbanks_Prince_Edward_County_Engagement_Photos_006 Sandbanks_Prince_Edward_County_Engagement_Photos_007 Sandbanks_Prince_Edward_County_Engagement_Photos_008 Sandbanks_Prince_Edward_County_Engagement_Photos_009 Sandbanks_Prince_Edward_County_Engagement_Photos_010 Sandbanks_Prince_Edward_County_Engagement_Photos_011 Sandbanks_Prince_Edward_County_Engagement_Photos_012 Sandbanks_Prince_Edward_County_Engagement_Photos_013 Sandbanks_Prince_Edward_County_Engagement_Photos_014 Sandbanks_Prince_Edward_County_Engagement_Photos_015 Sandbanks_Prince_Edward_County_Engagement_Photos_016 Sandbanks_Prince_Edward_County_Engagement_Photos_017 Sandbanks_Prince_Edward_County_Engagement_Photos_018 Sandbanks_Prince_Edward_County_Engagement_Photos_019